Unexpected Aftermath

I stepped out, this Autumn morn
to greet a glorious day.
Trees in coats of many colors
splendid in their way.

Glancing up, I gazed upon
a dome of perfect blue,
not a single blemish there.
A most rare sight, I knew.

Not Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus, Nimbus,
not even contrail to behold.
Nothing to disrupt that blue,
Luminous, yet cold.

I felt this flutter in my gut,
a curious sense of growing dread.
What could it be, this odd unease,
that’s building in my head?

It struck me then, just like a fist,
the source of this disquiet!
When last I saw a sky this clear,
unblemished, pure, and even,
were in those first few wretched days
just after 9-11.

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