Remembering Jasper Vinall

Words can not express
The sorrow that arises
When fun ceases and
Horror bowls us over and
A game ends in tragedy.





* this poem was inspired by, and is dedicated to, Jamond Salley and the seven other American high school football fatalities this fall and the recent death of Australian Batsman Phillip Hughes.  Why must the pursuit of pleasure bring such pain?

Thanksgiving Cheer

To the tune of “We’re off to see the wizard”

We’re off to see the in-laws
And that always gives us pause
With all our beliefs, they are at odds
Because they’re such unbelievable clods!

So we’re going to buy the liquor
The wonderful beverage of gods
Because because because because because
Because of the wonderful numbing it does!

We’re off to see the in-laws
For all the bloody good that it does!

Mother! Please!

I was five when last she did it,
After dinner in some restaurant.
I remember throwing a fit
For receiving attention I did not want,
In went the washcloth, to the water glass
And scour away at some smudge
Upon my cheek. Humiliation, alas!
Am I that unclean? Who’s she to judge!

The alarm went off! Blessed relief!
Vile dream, its course had run!
That it could be true defies belief.
After all, I’ll soon be fifty one!
Yet upon awakening, I find a nightmare’d just begun.
What I thought was washcloth is Golden Retriever tongue.


Ignore history
You may. Be unprepared
For the explosion.
Or you can learn to make note
Of pressures, heed warnings, Live!

79 Vesuvius 25,000
1792 Unzen 15,000
1815 Tambora 92,000
1965 Watts 39

1883 Krakatoa 36,000
1902 Pelee 29,000
1980 St. Helen’s 57
1982 Los Angeles 53

1982 El Chichon 2,000
1985 Nevada del Ruiz 23,000
1990 Pinatubo 800
2014 Ferguson TBD