An Electronic Model for Humanity

Holiday greetings to all!

UPS delivered to my son, today, his Christmas present. Nine boxes, 21 items, all electronics, and all totally useless. It will only be through patience, diligence, persistence, and great luck that these 21 items will come together into an awesome new computer.

As I look at this giant pile of boxes and contemplate the effort and the familial bonding ahead, I am struck by the similarity between this project and building a human community. All of these things are interrelated but without each other they are, individually, totally useless. In this way, they are quite like people. Each of us, has a purpose to serve, a mission to accomplish, and actions that we need to take in this life. Whatever that purpose may be, it require the interaction, assistance, and participation of other people to have any lasting meaning. In short without other people, we, like these electronic devices, are incapable of fulfilling our purpose and are thus, totally useless.

So, in this holiday season, this wordprocessing program has this to say to all of you out there: I need you, motherboard. I need you, CPU. I need you, sound card. I need you, video card. I need you, hard drive. I need you, ram. I need you, power supply. Without you, I can accomplish nothing.

Thank you all, for being other indispensable components of this amazing thing we call humanity. May we all work together, harmoniously, toward something spectacular!

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