Food for Thought: or (liberal parenting comes home to roost)


So, we were driving into school this morning, my son and I. The temperature was uncharacteristically low for the Virginia Piedmont. The thermometer in my aging Suburban read -9 f. My son, who is prepping for his driving test, comments on an unusual vehicle noise with some alarm.
” Dad, that doesn’t sound good. Do you think it’s going to break down?”

“Nah, I think it will be fine. But this does remind me of the importance of having an emergency kit and a survival plan if you were to break down and get stranded for a few hours or a day on the roadside in terrible weather. Have you thought about that?”

Without missing a beat and with perfect deadpan and flat inflection, he says, “I would cut you open and climb inside.”

Maybe letting him watch the Star Wars movies when he was 4 was NOT the best idea.

In the Vice of Life

They all want a piece of you,
Their own fragment of your life.
Your boss, your kids,
Your friends, your wife.
In the face of such demands
Are you surprised to find some strife?

But is there any real recourse;
Some simple way to make some space,
Some quiet time to breathe, of course,
A moment to escape the pace?
Choose not to bathe? Smell like a horse?
Would they fly away, post-haste?

Since it’s no fun to live alone,
Accept your time is not your own!