Equitation Lessons

Please attend, young rider,

To the reasons for your ride.

This ride is not a stakes race

to be run in urgent haste,

no prize to finish first,

for, if you rush, it is a waste.

Neither is it steeplechase,

full of obstacles to leap.

Some gates are often better balked,

And out of grievous harm to keep.

Not dressage, all form and show,

where others sit and sniff and snort

at any slip of false control.

Pursuing perfection is hollow sport.

Nor cartage, in harsh traces ride,

dragging draught day after day.

That’s a trip I can’t abide,

not in the least, no how, no way!

But just to ride on sunny day

and see the world along the way,

now that’s a ride worthy to take

And a life’s journey I choose to make.

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