Dear Old Friend

Although we don’t talk

as we have in years past,

please do not think

you’ve gone unremembered.

Sometimes out of sight

is just out of sight, a state,

though regrettable,



6 thoughts on “Dear Old Friend

    • It’s a never ending process! My sophomore creative writing professor told me “if it takes you ten words to capture an emotion, keep editing until you get it down to five”. He was full of helpful advise like that. I thought he was a bitter old cuss, but as I grew older and wrote more, I found more and more of his “Donovanisms” to be dead on accurate! Like “poetry is about a feeling not about grammar.” or “first learn the rules of poetic forms, then learn when and how to break them.”

      These three tidbits will carry you a long way!

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      • I never had a professor as such! Or maybe I had many and I haven’t yet known them deep. But a blissful day made a comment like this one open me up! I thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Maybe soon I’ll learn to apply them. Keep writing, you are really good at it! Well wishes…

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