An Economy of Words?

Perhaps I present as pretty perturbed,

but, people, pause please, in our public 

pandering of corpulent pundits and 

placating complacent patricians!

Pray tell, people, Is it possible that our 

primary public purpose is to prevent this

passel of patriarchal, partisan pricks

from pocketing petty politicians and

prostituting the public policy process

for their own prurient, paraphillic

pleasure and preposterous 

personal profit?

Respected readers, I really regret 

this rambling, ravening, rant 

but when, recently, I read that a 

couple of compassionless cocks 

callously connived to 

cast themselves as kingmakers

I, kind of, lost my cool and 

violently gave vent to this veritable,

voluminous volcano of 

vitriolic verbiage!

So sincerely sorry!

Yours, One Plenty Pissed Plebeian 

6 thoughts on “An Economy of Words?

  1. (You just perturbed my premonition of a pretty prosperous and practical post-present with this premium and pleasing primality.) Wait. I think my post-present isn’t that bad because I just brought forward a bragging boastful bark in a braced comment in a finely frivolous fashion to fairly prove my prosperity in this time particularly precise on the pathway to perfection! Pretty playful, funky fun! Lined lovely, I have to love it!

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      • It always is interesting when there is a larger description to anything, I feel. But I’m going more into smallness, thanks to you, and I’m loving it! The last comment was just stupidity, I was just really looking to brag. :/ sorry. But, all my stupidity apart, I have to say this is great work, I love loving to love it!

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