6 thoughts on “Stop Knocking!

  1. Exactly what Jesus taught, keep knocking on the door of the heart until it finally opens to receive the LIght of Truth of Awareness! Ask with an open heart full of love and you will receive; seek with an open heart and mind and you will find the True Light that enlightens; knock and keep knocking until you heart and mind and soul and body open to receive the perfect Love that casts out all fear. Bless you!


    • If, however, the knocker is some benighted evangelical soul, and the heart upon which they are pounding away happens to be mine, then I invite them to carefully and mindfully consider Matthew 7: 3-5.


      • When Love comes knocking at my heart I always answer, but maybe thats just me 🙂 My Jesus is gentle and never forces himself on anyone, and there certainly is no log or splinter or speck in his eye; all He does is Love, thank God! You are completely free to answer the knock or not as we all are 🙂


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