Playing With Power Tools

There are some tools

good poets use

when crafting verses

for the ages.

Rhythm and Rhyme

help keep the time

and also help keep 

them remembered.

Metaphors and similes

are often seen in homilies.

And Synecdoche

may be off key

yet still may be

the symphony.


alone allows

ample alliteration.


conveniently conveys 

constant clatter.

Meter, Meter!

Sure can’t beat her

when you want

a great repeater!

I’m sure there’s more 

that you can add;

if you do

I won’t be sad!

Perdition’s Stair

Some call it exhaustion

This total lack of care

Or perhaps depression

Descending from nowhere

Without any hesitation

I say it isn’t fair

Trapped in rumination

Sitting in this chair

Lacking inclination

Situation to repair

Feeling trepidation

Turning to despair

So in resignation

I climb Perdition’s Stair



But it is a question that bears asking.

In the past couple of years, there has been an increasingly vocal movement toward “Open Carry” of fire arms in public places.  Without getting into a values discussion or an argument about the rightness or wrongness of this issue, I would like to point out some fundamental conflicts in the legal system.

Lately, people have been allowed to carry rifles and shotguns around town. Last month a young man of my acquaintance was arrested and jailed for “Possession of Burglerous Tools” because he was walking home from a friends house with two screw drivers in his pocket.  I know that it is illegal, here, to carry knives with blades longer than 7 inches.  Is it just me or does this seem to be an irreconcilable double standard about what constitutes “intent to engage in criminal or threatening behavior”?

I would like to know why it is OK for me to carry my M1 Garand to the Mall but not my Katana or, for that matter, my flat head screw driver?



Happy Memorial Day!