…And So Laments The Seeker

Crossing this desert

Barren emptiness washes

Across my eyes and bakes

My spirit into hardpan.

Void floods the vacant

Interstices deep within.

Seeking some solace

The radio offers naught.

In this embittered landscape,

Evangelists all

Preach fear, hate and damnation,

Adding salt to wounds

Long festered and encrusted.

No gracious balm to be found,

And so I journey onward.

One thought on “…And So Laments The Seeker

  1. We must have been traversing similar territory of late, if this is the writing of a recent or current feeling. I’ve seen this theme in a lot of poems and blogs just the past week. It has been interesting to note. I hope you journeyed onward into a patch of solace…


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