A Matins Lament

After, raging, rude alarms

Drag me up from comfort’s pit,

Heated water pounding down 

Upon my weary upturned face

Just may be the perfect hit;

This dreary morning’s saving grace.

I wonder what would be the harm,

I know I dare not sit,

Of slipping back to that warm embrace

But now I’m up with things to do,

Rats to race-

Where’s my other shoe?

Thus another day’s begun.

Please, dear God, make it fun.

Rainy Reminiscence

Today, I saw

A standing wave

In the gutter

By the street.

In that curling


Rode this stick.

Really neat!

And as I watched

The rains subside

That stick broke free

Its wild ride.

I thought, that’s not

Unlike ourselves,

Riding waves

That rose and fell.

So like that stick, 

I traveled on

My morning’s journey 

not yet done.