A Matter of Perspective


Is far preferable to



A Requiem for Father

Memento Mori Haiku I
“Sorry, It’s cancer.”

Thus began his journey home

To distant children.


Memento Mori Haiku II 
Bitter grudges pale,

Insignificant before

Cancer’s blinding light.


Memento Mori Haiku III 
It proved a blessing-

His pancreatic cancer,

Thawed long frozen hearts.


Memento Mori Haiku IV
Spiritual growth

Inversely proportional

Physical wasting 

Memento Mori Haiku V
He journeys onward,

Free of all mortal burdens,

Borne on re-found love


A commemoration on, this, the fourth anniversary of his transcendence.

Ward Andrew Garrabrant Sr.

26 Aug 1940 – 23 Mar 2012