#NaPoWriMo Challenge

“Syd7t5” https://syd7t5.wordpress.com/ posted a #napowrimo challenge to take a line from someone else’s poem and take it in a whole new direction.  Here is my contribution to the literary universe…

“Stopped by Police on a Summer Evening”

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And all this struggle to stay awake 

Is quite enough to make me weep.

How much coffee will it take 

To give this drowsiness a shake.

Why’d I have to have that beer!

I just can’t give myself a break.

I’ve been driving for a year!

Why’s there not a bathroom near!

Damn! I really have to go.

But now I’ve something else to fear.

Whose lights those are I think I know,

God, I wonder what I’ll blow,

God, I wonder what I’ll blow.

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