I sit in silence

Relishing the quiet.

Dog upon my lap,

Ample enough to host the cat,

Without discord or feud

Together we all snooze

As the rain outside

Yields to brighter skies

Inviting me to rise.

A momentary urge

Suppressed by purrs and fur.

And so we linger here

With neither drive nor fear.


Odes to Injustice

I spent several hours waiting around the courtroom today. Perhaps these may express some sights and sounds of this misspent day:

1. A commentary on the plea agreement system:

Quiet Consultation


Attorneys whisper

Secret, sotto voce, songs

Sibilant hissings

Singing with the A/C’s sigh.

Thus his fate is decided.


2. An examination of the contrast between expectation and reality:

Resounding Thud


With that gavel fall

Shallow party dreams collapse

Back into the hole