An Hiatus From Excoriation

In hopeless effort to preserve 

Some last shread of sanity,

A meager sliver of self respect,

Tonight I slough the hair shirt,

Hang my scourge upon it’s hook

And shun the civic dumb show.

Tonight I revel in ignorant bliss,

Neither knowing or caring

Who, on the tube, is the bigger boob!

Shades of Intent

It is just past this blog’s second birthday and I just went back and reread some of my early posts… boy was I angry and bitter when this all began! Upon that seething sea of vitriolic verse float a few driftwood gems. I think I will, occasionally, reblog the ones that don’t, sort of, suck.

Aroil in Pain

BLACK is rarely black. WHITE, rarely white.

At the intersection of compassion and want,

ALL are shades of gray.

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For Harry

Some claim a man’s measure 

lies in something tangible;

stature, strength, 

fame, fortune.

I find none of these

to be a fitting yardstick.

I measure Harry’s worth 

by his stories shared;

comedies, tragedies,

dramas, histories.

Within these saga

of adventure gone awry,

whether joyous, humble, 

painful, proud,

of good times, or Ill,

I found his humanity,

well hidden

behind gruff temperament,

masked by mumbled words,

infused with vital spirit,

and most profanely punctuated.

It’s not despite these flaws,

so much as because of them,

that his life of love and loss,

dangers and trials,

hardships and misadventures,

resonate within my soul 

and remain with me forever.

Godspeed my old friend.