Shades of Intent

It is just past this blog’s second birthday and I just went back and reread some of my early posts… boy was I angry and bitter when this all began! Upon that seething sea of vitriolic verse float a few driftwood gems. I think I will, occasionally, reblog the ones that don’t, sort of, suck.

Aroil in Pain

BLACK is rarely black. WHITE, rarely white.

At the intersection of compassion and want,

ALL are shades of gray.

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2 thoughts on “Shades of Intent

    • Everybody makes cringeworthy art from time to time. By reposting this, I am saving all of my readers a trip to the Archive file for September 2014. That is somewhat more than the aforementioned “time to time”. In fact, this is the rough gem of that first month of blogging.

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