My Fellow Gears:

I still grind! At least until some misguided “corporate mechanics” decide my liabilities outweigh my skills. I say this because, over the years, I have come to observe a certain corporate, mechanical philosophy (the machine will continue due to an infinite supply of interchangeable cogs). Someday, some grease monkey will decide that this old cog is too worn and a replacement will be ordered up to fill the hole left by my extraction. I feel a deep sorrow for the many fine cogs that have been prematurely replaced, often with inferior mechanisms. I feel an equally deep sorrow for the cogs that remain, slipping, and stripping, and grinding, while they try to continually “do more with less” as this flawed and fractured machine chitters, and clacks, and clatters it’s way to the very brink of the abyss. I grieve for them, but mostly I mourn for the unfortunate souls who rely upon this perilously fractured machine and the many truly excellent, caring, and compassionate cogs therein for their essential services and support. We do amazing things every day and will continue to do so until some mindless mechanic come to pluck us out and replace us with yet another cog in the name of efficiency.


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