Big Brother

It’s not lost on me,

This delicious irony,

As I stalk my son

Between Italian webcams

Half a world away,

That I decry surveillance

When conducted by the state!

Barberini Square- Bernini’s Triton Fountain

Piazza Della Rotunda- the obelisk of Ramses II
Piazza Navona- Fountain of the Four Rivers

Brutal Behest

Her invitation came

Addressed with snark and fury.

“Welcome to my chaos!”,

She offered as her greeting.

“Swim awhile, here with me

Among this drifting wreckage,

Floating fragments of dreams and plans, 

Hopes and wishes for my shattered life.”

She served this raging petit four;

Smallest sliver of her misery

With a bitter aperitif, piercing my heart

In its acrid headward rush.

Did she hope to whet my appetite

With her caustic bread; cordial bile?

In truth, I find her burden 

Shared is less a burden lessened; 

But more a sorrow spread.

“Here is my vast, crass repast! 

Will you savor with me?”