Ode to Silicon

What silly substance seals your engine

While it lubricates your brakes,

Also keeps your hands from burning

And won’t stick to baking cakes?

What magic metal polymer

Helps to make your dry flies float

All while doing double duty

Shedding raindrops from your coat. 

When it’s in its other form

A partner at both work and play

This stuff makes computers work

And lets you use your phone all day.

You can’t escape this silly stuff; it’s always within easy reach

In every sky high satellite and under foot on every beach.

Beneath These Treads

From snowy Vermont woods

To sunny shores of Venezuela,

From Rain soaked Thai jungles

To bone dry sands of Arizona,

From mountains to beaches,

From Virginia to Hawaii,

Along the bank of the Blue Danube,

And many places in between,

These eyes have seen much,

This heart has soared and broken,

But mostly these feet have slogged.