There are very few things that will compel a man, in his mid fifties, to hit the bed at 9:00pm in order to arise at 4:00 am. Most of those things are fun, or at least end up with fun; hunting trips, fishing trips, catching a plane for a vacation. Today is an exception. I carefully timed my retire and rising so that I could bathe and awaken my 17 year old in the one for him to get a shower, drive an hour, get something to eat, and still arrive on time for him to take the SATs at 7:45 (“the doors will close at 0800 and no one arriving after that time will be granted entrance.”). Despite my best efforts, I have found no fun in this. What I have found is a litany of name calling- douche, asshole, tyrant.  I guess this is the price of parenthood.   Still waiting for the fun…

4 thoughts on “Insights

    • This, of course, is our fondest hope as parents; that all this is appreciated in the future. Alternatively, we can view all our investment of time and love and effort as an assurance that future generations of psychotherapists will have ample clientele.

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