Harken Ozymandias

With your every stride

Fallen leaves and memories

Fragment into mulch.

You think yourself bold,

Decisive man of action:

Midas of decay;

Modern day Nero:

Tweeting while Rome succumbs

To internal flames.

Survey these ashes

Stark remains of the fury

From your careless match.

Where Colossus stood

Only dust and rubble stir

In warm autumn breeze

And yet:

Despite your chaos,

Slender verdant tendrils grow

Rooting your ruins

Proving to you, Wretched Waste,

That even now, hope remains.

4 thoughts on “Harken Ozymandias

      • Not far off. While what Boris has done is legal (although it is being contested), it is playing with dynamite. He doesn’t care what he says or does, it is all about winning. He is dangerous, but has managed to charm many people (without scruples) because he’ll get things done (at any cost). Our country has not been in such a mess in my lifetime and I hate what is happening. Such a hefty lurch to the right.


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