My Honest Reply to Naysayers!

I did not like Donald Trump.

I did not like Mike Pence.

For the last four years, was Trump my President? Yes. Why? Because I am an American.

Did I act like a child, claiming Trump wasn’t my President because fewer Americans voted for him than his opponent? No.

Did I think Trump would be a good President? No. But did I wish for his failure? No. Why? Because I am an American and I didn’t want to see America fail.

Did I wish death upon Trump just because I didn’t like him? No. Again, I’m an American and I didn’t want to see Americans suffer through a mid-term tragedy like we have before. Instead, I wished that the heat and pressure of his high office would transform his baser anthacitic nature into the pure crystal carbon of a diamond.

Did I think the right was using Trump as a pawn? Without a doubt! I was positive he wouldn’t be president long. I figured Paul Ryan would claim he was unfit due to numerous foreign influences and financial conflict and invoke the 25th Amendment which would have made Mike Pence President, which, I suspected, was their goal all along. To have a true Conservative and honestly religious President to appoint Conservative Justices to the Supreme Court. It’s the only plausible reason why Pence would agree to be his running mate when he and all of the Republican candidates running against him in the primaries ridiculed and cautioned against Trump’s ability to govern effectively. When the institutions of government failed to act, We the people, took the actions necessary, as established in the Constitution, and voted him out of office.

Do I think Trump’s election was fair? Yes. Despite losing the popular vote nationwide, Trump won enough states to secure enough electors to win the presidency. That is how the system works. Republicans, more so than anyone else should understand this! No credible evidence of fraud, just like every American Federal election for, at least, the last 100 years. Valid votes counted. Invalid votes not counted. It was, and still is exactly as our Constitution proscribes.

Is there, or has there ever been, some vast conspiracy to rig American elections on a national scale? If three can keep a secret only if two of them are dead, how could there be?

Do I trust our government? In as much as I trust “We The People” to look beyond our petty self-interests and personal profit, and to work together for the benefit of both ourselves, and our fellow human beings, yes! Our Government is made of people like ourselves. People who believe in the same basic ideals we all hold to be true. These basic truths are excellently summarized in the preamble of our Constitution! The rest is just disagreement about ways and means!

I was not paralyzed by either anxiety or fear for the last 4 years, nor will I be for the next!

l did not fear for our economy for the last 4 years, nor will I for the next. Economies are not concerned with who is in or out of power. Presidents take credit and receive blame for the economy but can do very little control it.

I do fear for small business owners but not because of who is President. There are many factors that effect small businesses but the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is NOT one of them.

Likewise, I also fear for our healthcare, but again not because of who sits behind the Resolute Desk!

I do not fear for what’s to come after these next 4 years.

I do not fear for what this country is turning into.

Because I am an American, I have faith in our time tested Constitutional System of Government. A government designed to curb the irregular excesses of the intemperate few who seek nothing more that fame, glory, and excessive profits through the exploitation of their fellow humans.

I am an American, I love and am proud of America, warts and all, and I want America to succeed!

Even Unto the Final Hour

From the top on down,

Irrationality reigns

flush with self-righteous,

self-serving indignation.

This modern MacBeth

learned naught from his ancestor:

“And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

Yes. Blow wind! Come wrack!

Yet no noble death awaits.

Only cold irrelevance!

Teeth®️: A User’s Guide

Congratulations on your acquisition of Teeth®️!

Teeth®️, when used properly, in conjunction with Maxilla®️ and Mandibula®️ (each sold separately) provide the informed user with many invaluable benefits. With proper care, Teeth®️ will last for many years, perhaps even a lifetime (actual mileage may vary).


Failure to use Teeth®️ within their prescribed parameters or for purposes for which they were not designed may lead to irregular wear, improper fit, or sudden and abrupt failure resulting in extreme personal injury to the user and bystanders.

Although they may appear to be useful for unarmed combat, the use of Teeth®️ for this purpose is not intended. The provider of Teeth®️ neither recommend nor condone such use and the provider of Teeth®️ explicitly disclaims any liability for said use of Teeth®️.

Likewise, although Teeth®️ appear to act similarly to common household tools, like pliers, wrenches, vices, scissors or saws, the provider does not endorse Teeth®️ for any of these uses. Using Teeth®️ to perform any of the customary functions of any of these common household tools will void any explicit or implicit warranties associated with Teeth®️.

Proper use:

Teeth®️ are carefully designed for and intended to cut, pierce, chop, and/or grind common food items into a more easily swallowable paste. Please do not apply Teeth®️ to Non-food items. Doing so may damage Teeth®️ and/or Non-food items and will void any explicit or implicit warranty associated with Teeth®️.

To use Teeth®️ to process a food item for ease of swallowing, place food item between Teeth®️ and compress forcefully and repeatedly between Maxilla®️ and Mandibula®️ also available form your Teeth®️ supplier(each sold separately). Once a desired degree of mastication has been achieved, food item may be more easily swallowed.

Scheduled Cleaning and Routine Preventative Maintenance:

Teeth®️, like all other convenience accessories require daily user cleaning and routine maintenance from a provider certified Teeth®️ service agent in order to perform at optimum efficiency and to prevent premature failure. Failure to follow provider’s recommended cleaning and maintenance schedules will void any explicit or implicit warranty associated with Teeth®️.

Scheduled Cleaning:

The provider recommends that any user of Teeth®️ vigorously scrub Teeth®️ using an approved bristle brush of appropriate size and an approved abrasive paste cleaning agent (each sold separately; see accompanying product literature for detailed instructions on the proper use of these products) to clean Teeth®️ immediately following each and every session of use. Failure to follow provider’s scheduled cleaning guidelines will void any explicit or implicit warranty associated with Teeth®️.

Routine Preventative Maintenance:

The provider of Teeth®️ recommend that Teeth®️ be inspected and serviced by a provider certified service technician two (2) times each calendar year as long as the user continues to use Teeth®️ in order to assure that Teeth®️ remain in proper operating condition and to identify and repair any damage that may have occurred due to normal wear and tear, improper use, or failure to follow provider recommended scheduled cleaning of Teeth®️. Failure to follow provider’s recommended maintenance schedules will void any explicit or implicit warranty associated with Teeth®️.

Please remember that the use of Teeth®️ without accompanying accessories Maxilla®️, Mandibula®️, Esophagus®️, etc. (each sold separately) is not recommended by the provider, may significantly reduce the effectiveness of Teeth®️ for the mastication of food items, and detract from the user’s enjoyment of Teeth®️.

The provider of Teeth®️ would like to congratulate you, once again, on your choice to acquire Teeth®️. Please be sure to inquire with the provider for the necessary accompanying accessories, Maxilla®️, Mandibula®️, Esophagus®️, etc. (each sold separately) to maximize your dining pleasure.