We Desperate Few

Squished tight

in this bottle’s




We get the point!

Our seed fell amongst

the thorns

we grew ourselves.


All druthers…


be now surrendered.

Slaves to survival,

we’ve become.


So much rocky ground;

many paths to extinction;

no fertile fields

in sight.




Any hope resides

in casting our seeds widely.


that deed’s our duty

to our tiny tribe

in dire need

of progeny.


There is not time

for discrimination!

There can be

no selection.


We know not…

Care not…

from whom




We need each mutation…

Any happenstance …

A chance .


The least glimmer,

faintest hint of light

to stand proudly erect

within the crush of night.

One thought on “We Desperate Few

  1. I feel like this needs a bit of exposition- which of course, means it doesn’t stand alone as all good poetry should. So the impetus for this was a guestion posed by a friend; “Can you create something that expresses what life would be like if the whole world consisted of 100 people?”


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