Two Mondo’s Contemplating Winter

Perpetual Soirée

Winter of masking

care and stress everywhere

When will better days arrive?


This bitter distress

Masquerading as winter

May caper long into spring


Winter Bloom

Alabaster fields

Feel desolate as deserts

And yet, they harbor hope


A lone flower stands

One bright spot against the pale

Perhaps a brave garden’s start?

A collaboration between Kristen @rhode-reads on Instagram and Andy @agarrabrant on Instagram.

Snow Day Exodus

Exodus Chapter 2 Verse 1-5

  1. And lo, ye shall encounter many more obstacles
  2. And try as thee might, the locust wood shall not succumb to thy saw.
  3. Thou heavest mightily against the bough and yet it remaineth obdurate and immobile before thine efforts
  4. And yet, brother, despair not, for thou hast a dutiful village
  5. And the Lord hath endowed them with the power of the mighty Kubota.