Tangled Webs

A Mondoesque Exquisite Corpse-


Without attention

Daylight hours slowly stretch

Soon enough spring will arrive


Ignore all this talk

Of stretching days; coming Spring

Down under summer rains pour.


Yet, around a bend,

there stands a temperate forest

Seeming almost season-less


Where fern Fiddleheads

Gaily sway as fat raindrops

Fall to quench the dry Earth’s thirst.


Careful balances.

Each depends on another.

Changing one affects us all.


This poem is a shared work created by several different people. The first poet wrote the first three lines then sent the last line to the next poet and so forth until all had finished. All elements were submitted to me and I stitched them together into a singular work. Please forgive the imperfect mess of the fit! It is an artifact of obscured creativity! Many thanks to the various contributors! I hope you enjoyed the process!