Sorry, America, no Cake this year?

For the last few days, my mind has been drawn to a comparison of Parenting and Patriotism.

  1. I love my children and I love my country.
  2. My kids are pretty neat kids and I like them better than most other people’s kids. Likewise, my country is a pretty neat country and I like it better than most other countries.
  3. When my kids do good things, I am proud on them and praise them. So too for my country.
  4. When my children engage in unacceptable behavior, I express my dissatisfaction and encourage them to remedy the behavior. When my country engages in unacceptable behavior, I express my dissatisfaction and engage in action to remedy that behavior.
  5. Luckily, My wife and I largely agree about what constitutes “unacceptable” behavior from our children and are able to apply sufficient force toward aiding a reformation. Sadly, my fellow citizens are so divided on what constitutes “unacceptable” behavior from my country, that I am not confident that any pressure I, and like minded citizens, can apply will have any significant influence aiding a reformation of my country’s unacceptable behaviors because so many other fellow citizens are patting my country on the back and praising the behaviors I condemn.

What is a Patriot left to do?

Cancel the Birthday Party?

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