Caveat Scriptor!

There’s a shocking revelation

attuned to every pen nib’s scritch

but writing will, soon, consume you,

If you dare to scratch that itch.

This is not an easy path;

nor breezy way to strike it rich.

There’s no need to parse that sentence;

creative writing is a bitch.

Our Country, Black and Blue?

Perhaps it ‘s finally time to strike

that monochrome, blue striped bastard,

abomination of our flag

(the sacred symbol of our country,

emblem of all that we hold dear,)

that takes a stand for harsh repression,

desperation, hate, and fear.

I reject your blind defiance

of our citizens, repressed

who have gone a step too far

in their hope to find redress.

Their mistaken, hasty actions

don’t confer on you the right

to take our country’s noble flag

and corrupt is as the vile banner

of your self-righteous foolish fight.

The Down-side of Roofs.

“Like the poem, not the content,

of course!”, I say,

as I wait patiently for roofers of my own.

“We’ll be there in the morning…

and out of your hair by noon…

That shed’s a small job- no time at all!”

While making my lunch,

roofing materials arrive…

Trienta Minutos, Señor, the roofers they come!”

And three times thirty minutes later I wait,

All alone…

With the cat…

who, at least has flitting birds to stalk

on this sunny afternoon.

Seeing Red

Amidst a mess of document

left in a box in this old home,

new to us these last few years,

mixed among the old receipts

for plumbing work and seedling trees

and appliance manuals

for appliance dinosuars

long gone to their extinction,

I found a weathered yellow sheet

Typed upon in fading blue,

a restrictive covenant

that pierced my heart. Could it be true?

Did my predecessor here,

in this vibrant melting pot,

this neighborhood of polyglots,

seek, back then to enshrine

his bigotry upon the land

from that point and for all time?

Yes, my friends, I’m sad to say,

around the time my dad was born,

some lofty ass took it to mind

to codify a huge red line

around this humbled cot of mine.

The Foibles of Springtime

Adjacent vast eucalyptus towers,

Spring, it seems, arrives at last

And in the field, a frost of flowers,

echoes there the winter past.

While golden birds build great bowers

with bright shiny bits amassed,

a-dread that their mate’s ardor sours

leaving them bereft, outcast.

And is it not thus, likewise so

among us higher, wiser species?

We, too, huff and puff and blow

and dress up like Maharishis

then to the local nightclubs go

to espouse our learned theses.

I guess this verdant time of year

drive us all to strut about

in search of mates to curb our fear

of rejection and self-doubt.