His Master’s Voice?

They must think us dogs

salivating to their bells

doing tricks for tiny treats!


And how can they not

when we drool at every cue

playing games they tell us to?


Is there any choice?

After all, they hold the cards

and set the rules we must regard.


Why must we regard

their arbitrary edicts

when their only care

is their self-serving interests?

Bite the hands that feed, I say!

Ignore their strident bellows!

Exercise our every freedom!

Let us run across the meadows!

Mondo with Tonya (1)

When a woman wins,

does the world respond with love,

or do they lash out with hate?


Only frightened men,

With murkier histories,

Hate to see a woman win.


I was talking with a coworker, today, about some of the poetic forms I write in. She was particularly interested in the Mondo, poetic dialogue. The next thing I know, there is a katauta in my text message app!