A Llama, A Cow, And A Donkey Walk Into A Church

This Chapel, infused

with the holy aromas

of stable, sty, and barnyard


Unto us this day,

delights and joys of Christmas

permeate this sacred space.


Heartless Hatred Mindless Mendacity

Some Christians might want

to review what Jesus said

for them to be and to do.


Some Christians don’t care

what that bastard had to say!

After all, he was a Jew!

Ionic Ironies

Air filled with portents,

intangible potentials

seeking easy paths to ground.


How that huge old tree

must feel the charges building;

dread their incandescent leap!


And, yet, there he stands,

reaching up, ever higher,

as though to taunt the lightning.


Will that shocking bolt

strike him by complete surprise

when it rends him asunder?


What of his remains?

Will they stand for the ages;

A monument to folly?

Works in Progress

Oh, how time has flown,

These five years, since your passing.

And yet, much remains

As it was before you left;

Consistently progressing.


Not that you would know;

So invested, as you were,

In the status quo.


Wait! That last harsh barb,

So bitter and unworthy,

Harkens back to grimmer times;

Long buried seething fury.


So, the status quo

Remains beneath the surface

Like long neglected hunger.


I suppose healing

Sojourns can consume lifetimes;

And perhaps, even longer.