Ode to a Bureaucrat

Man! You really don’t belong here!

Don’t take me wrong, or think me mean,

But you’re about as helpful as

A place kicker on a baseball team!

** written is commiseration for an old friend and his experiences in applying for much needed assistance.  Some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without!

Why Do the Write Thing?

He said it wasn’t time well spent
Putting pen to pad
When others, far more eloquent
Have expressed the thoughts he had?

“What is the point for me to write
With sloppy, clumsy, awkward word
When I could just quote Richard Wright
And sound much less absurd?”

“It’s not about the product, man!
That’s why you should bother!
Writing’s more about expression than
Trying to compete with Mary Oliver!”

“Pick up that pen and write away!
Scribble words in any fashion!
You have got a lot to say!
Get right on it! Express your passion!”