At The Gun Show Counter  (a comedy sketch in bad taste)

Anarchist Customer: “I’d like a 30 round magazine for my AR please.”

Conservative Vendor: “Wonderful! I have them on sale here at the gun show. Buy one get a free tactical flashlight. Would you like that in 5.56 or 7.62?”

Anarchist Customer: 7.62 please.

Liberal Spectator: “Excuse me, but what on earth do you need a 30 round magazine for?”

Conservative Vendor: “Look buddy, Mind your own business and stop harassing my customers!”

Anarchist Customer: “Are you  kidding me? Have you seen how many candidates are running this year?”

Liberal Spectator: “Hummm. Good point.”

Conservative Vendor: “Wait! What?!?”

Innocent Teen Exchange or Flagrant Innuendo

Stage Scene:
A father and his teenage son sit in a restaurant dining. Teenage waitress approaches:
Waitress: “Sir? Are you enjoying your salad?”
Father: “It’s quite good, thanks.”
Waitress turns to Son-
Waitress: “And how’s your ‘Big Nasty’?”
Son: “Pretty Good I guess. I’ve never had any complaints.”
Waitress: “It looks pretty good. I want to try it but, honestly, it’s kind of intimidating.”
Son: “It’s supposed to be intimidating but I promise you, it’s worth the effort.”
Waitress: “Thanks. I’ll give it a try.”
Son: “Good choice. You won’t regret it.”
Waitress departs-
Father: “Dude, I’m right here… and I’m your dad!”
Son sprays Iced Tea from his nose…