Novam Stellam Lembos

Awaiting verdict,

A flutter begins within.

Perhaps this muster

Will prove too lofty a bar?

Oh, be still my doubting heart!


I can see him there,

Standing before his elders,

Bearing scrutiny

Calmly and confidently,

Honor evident within.


Sitting in the dark

After sending him, alone,

Standing tall upon

His merits, not just resting

Upon his laurels,

The warmth of the car is pale

Beside the glow of my pride.


Outcome regardless,

The flare of my love for him

Eclipses the sun!

Unto the Faithless Steward

Greedy heart blinds eyes,
base desires cloud thinking,
thus betraying dreams
and petty machinations
that have long blighted your soul.

Honor, long absent,
now regarded with disdain,
no longer offers
salvation’s outstretched hand,
but only retribution.

When your fantasy
lies amid smoking ruin,
where vain desire
and bold ego once held sway,
you may blame none but yourself!

Toward a Meeting of the Heart

Must is always be
thus? A sorrowful event,
this slow decline of aging?
Or, can we make time
in our crazy, busy, lives;
a pause to sit, be,
loving, in reminiscence
together, while time remains?

Or must we, waiting,
face that harsh regret, wishing
another path was chosen?

Be undeterred
by ancient patterns, remain
steadfast, unswayed
by current, daily pressures;
make the time, for whom we love.

A Day in My Life (omnibus)

Act 1: Fuck Control!

wars with frustration, sorrow
as careful planning
slips into chaos due to
circumstances well beyond…

Breathe in, and Breathe out
Repeat until harmony,
once again, arrives.

Act 2: Witness the Whiteness

An unexpected
snowfall lightens the landscape
but not the mindscape.

Breathe in and Breathe out.
Anoxia may bring light,
But not the light sought after!
Better to take deeper breaths.

Act 3: What Good, Will

the shifting from rain to snow
alters perception;
different, yet the same,
it’s still precipitation.

The spirit lightens
despite it’s worst intention
a smile begins to form.
A blessing of falling snow!

Act 4: Grand Finale

Now after supper
confusion resurfaces!
There is no demon
I’ve been dreading expecting!
only, with real “Bon Ami”
I see no terror,
no fear or exploitation!
No intervention needed,
I’m guessing, then, I can leave?