Celestial Chorus

This quiet moment,

Unencumbered by labor,

Detached from worry,

Allows the weary spirit 

To bathe in tuneless music.



There are very few things that will compel a man, in his mid fifties, to hit the bed at 9:00pm in order to arise at 4:00 am. Most of those things are fun, or at least end up with fun; hunting trips, fishing trips, catching a plane for a vacation. Today is an exception. I carefully timed my retire and rising so that I could bathe and awaken my 17 year old in the one for him to get a shower, drive an hour, get something to eat, and still arrive on time for him to take the SATs at 7:45 (“the doors will close at 0800 and no one arriving after that time will be granted entrance.”). Despite my best efforts, I have found no fun in this. What I have found is a litany of name calling- douche, asshole, tyrant.  I guess this is the price of parenthood.   Still waiting for the fun…