An Unplanned Siesta

Again, I find myself

Standing at a crossroads,

Pondering directions.

Unsure which path to take.

Should I? Could I? Perhaps?


The sun is overhead.

At the roadside, flowers.

Birdsong lilts from afar.

Wheat heads rustle nearer.


It’s been a long journey,

Full of rush and bother,

That led me to this place.


Beside these thoroughfares

I shall pause, breathe, relax.


There’s time for a siesta.

That’s All Folks

Here I stand, waiting,

Calmly anticipating

The casual negating

Of these fifteen years.

A professional life spent

Helping those the masters sent

Through each horrid life event,

Just more grease for endless gears!

Guess I’m done trotting the globe,

Loaning out my frontal lobe.

Bet I’ll shed narrie a tear

For the end of this career.

And so I bid you fond adieu.

I’ll find better things to do.

Poetry Geek

While driving home this morning I came upon the scene of a vehicle accident. A young woman was sitting on the curb typing frantically into her iPhone, hastily composing an SMS, or email, or post, or twit, or whatever. My thought upon witnessing this was, “If it were me, I’d be composing a poem.”  This is what leapt to mind:


Upon broken screen 

composing poetry seems

one fine way to celebrate

continuing existence!


I guess the time has come to accept and respect my latent poetry geek!

Cruelty’s Blessing

Unaware, is he,

That life has devolved

Into an endless

Sequence of nows.

Untroubled, is he,

By the past unrecalled

Lost to distance and

Illness and time.

Unworried, is he,

By what lies ahead,

For this now is all 

He can hold in his mind.

Unangered, is he, by this turn of events,

Contentedly, living this now.