Ageless Trifectae

Ahhh! Teen age angst,

Existential misery,

And a crappy attitude.

Adolescent trifecta!


Ahhh! Middle Age angst,

Existential misery,

And a huh-how attitude.

Middle Age trifecta!


Geriatric angst,

Existential misery,

And… uhhh… what was I saying?

Oh well. It doesn’t matter.

Reflections on an Image #2

“Toking With Friends on a Balmy Evening”

This chair, to rest on,

Where fountain bubbles,

Provides a place

To soothe our troubles. 

We are weary.

The day was long.

Let’s shed our shoes;

Pull out the bong. 

Harvest buds

From yonder bush.

Though home grown,

It’s bubba kush! 

Friends will join us.

Around we’ll sit,

Circled up, 

While we get lit.

We’ll wile this evening away,

But tomorrow is another day,

But tomorrow is another day.