Orbital Oasis

Earth, my sympathies.

I also feel the strainings,

Frictions and fissures,

Relentless tidal forces,

Of distant, unseen actors.


I to, feel the heat

Of all that wretched tension

Rising in my core.


Sometimes I, like you,

Can not contain the pressure

And can find myself,

In burning rings of fire,

Suffering mass eruptions.


Yet, though we may quake

Along our many fault lines,

We remain intact!


When I feel that pull

And all that building pressure

I can still find peace,

A modicum of solace,

In all your fractured beauty,

My planetary mother.

Humanity on Earth Day

Three times, at least, she has endured

More than the worst that we can do.

“Earth Day” is a clear misnomer,

After all the crap this broad’s been through.

Three times she watched her children founder 

And just gave birth to a life anew,

The question here for us to ponder,

Is the kind of pot in which we’ll stew.

I druther one that will sustain us

And not some other biotic goo!

So on this “Earth Day” please consider 

The little things that you can do

To care for her, our earthly mother,

So she will still take care of you.