Why I Bother

I offer apologies in advance.  I was playing with iambic and rhyme scheme for this sonnet. I wanted something less fluid than ABAB CDCD EFEF GG.

This is definitely not fluid but it may be too syncopated for what I was after. You be the judge.


Sometimes it seems that my profession

Serves no purpose, much, beyond

Providing ample lyric fodder

For my poetic avocation.

Why not sit, in comfort, ‘neath

The shade of verdant green palm frond,

Sip a drink, and idly ponder

The depth of snow on distant Heath?

Would fate differ one iota

If I drowned in some dark pond?

These are the thoughts I often wonder,

At month’s end when seeking quota.

But, for now, I’ll keep on wading

Into battle for those worth aiding.

Zen v. Reason

Is beauty always beauty
or is it, by chance, enhanced
when found in unexpected places
or darkest homes of happenstance?

Is it really beauty at all
or does the contrast make it so?
A Zen Garden on asylum grounds.
Now that’s a place I know!

Or like the smokers cobweb
with amber gems aglow
hanging there above his desk?
It’s only nicotine, you know?

Reason’s hands begin to tremble
his conscious mind is shaken.
He cannot force an order to
scenes his eyes and mind awaken.

Zen Voice, then, takes a firmer hand

On these, and horrors yet untold:
“Good and ill are mere illusions
masking glories to behold!”

What breeds grim thoughts this splendid morning?
I am sure I do not know
but with light heart, cheer, and whimsy
I choose, today, to let them go!