Shock and Awe

From ragged verdant verge

Eruptes a freckled fawn

Frightened into flight

Not long after dawn

By the sudden sight

On the lower lawn

Of, clad in crimson bright,

clumsy human spawn,

Who, in turn, was shocked

By the sudden charge

Of that tiny fawn

That seemed so very large.

Peace replaced by peril in a single instant,

A unity of terror in the minds of infants.

Slipping Gears

The hour grows late
And much remains to be done.
But motivation
Fled long before light faded
Leaving in the dusk
Many tasks uncompleted
And a growing sense of dread.
This familiar place
Remains uncomfortable
Even with frequent visits.
Impetus for change
Appears to be no match for
Entrenched habits,
Perhaps changing scenery
Will also change perspective?