Charity or Wisdom

Listen Up, you grey old goat!

Your racist ways are history.

Does that hate not sere your throat?

That grossly overt bigotry

never fails to offend



thoughtful men.

But since we’re here within this lodge,

I’ll try to muster up some grace,

abide the precepts of wiser men

and curb my urge to pulp your face.

I’ll maintain regard unconditional

despite your beliefs, so unlovable.

Rise Above The Dung Heap

Brothers, heed my call!

As our sphere becomes a cesspit,

Where intolerant effluent flows,

Blooming like opinion’s night soil,

Let us keep our sacred hall

A place of rest from petty shit

Free from vile intemperant glow

Supplanting our harmony with moil.

So brothers, please, I beg you all,

For this time we rest and sit

Let’s keep our chamber pots below

Lest our tempers seethe and boil.

Brothers, please, let’s keep this space

A harmonious place of restful grace.