Charity or Wisdom

Listen Up, you grey old goat!

Your racist ways are history.

Does that hate not sere your throat?

That grossly overt bigotry

never fails to offend



thoughtful men.

But since we’re here within this lodge,

I’ll try to muster up some grace,

abide the precepts of wiser men

and curb my urge to pulp your face.

I’ll maintain regard unconditional

despite your beliefs, so unlovable.

Make America What?

I have been staying out of most political conversations for months. Today, While I was driving around the county, providing community mental health services to people who would be most negatively impacted by a Trump Presidency, I realized that the Trump campaign signs needed editing to more accurately reflect the affect of his campaign on the state of interpersonal relations in this country. When I got home, I decided to make my feelings on this subject crystal clear by designing this postage stamp.

A Wise Word Alla Machiavelli

As we near this election date

The rhetoric’s sure to nauseate.

Pundits’ll  scream and act irate

Spewing their vitriolic hate

Convincing us the hour’s late;

“Barbarians are at the gate!”

This corruption of the third estate

Will never keep this nation great.

Demagogues and Politicians,

Pay attention to your positions.

Yelling loudly and with conviction

Will not make a fact from fiction.

And what you risk in the next election

Is a widespread citizens’ defection.