Honors To an Unworthy Master

In this year, since your passing,

Your son and I have tried our best

To mend the rifts you left behind

When you slipped away in death.


We’ve struggled to craft a fitting legacy

So in your eye, we could stand tall.

Our quest has shed some light upon us

And cast a glow down darkened halls

And yet these chasms defy our efforts

To fill and heal, for good and all.


Yet still, we hammer at that granite

To true the ragged blocks you left.

This working slays my sheathing anger

But your son, seeks on, bereft.

I pray, one day, he’ll strike the facet,

Split the stone, and find his way.


I was not able, while you were living,

To earn that trust I longed to see.

Your son still struggles, feeling keenly,

That worthlessness learned at your knee.


So on, together we labor, brothers,

Striking now, to square our ashlars,

Moving forward. 

So mote it be.

Welcome Starling Restoration

Just when waves of deep despair
Were threatening to drag me down
I saw it, way up, in the air,
A wild sight to ease my frown.

Ducking, bobbing, weaving, expanding.
Spinning, flipping, twisting, dancing

An odd enormous black amoeba,
cavorting wildly, way up high!
Is this some dream? A sudden fever?
Some other trick to fool the eye?

Spinning, looping, shrinking, swelling.
Beating, pulsing, thinning, gelling.

What can it be, this amazing thing,
This sardine bait ball in the sky?
Enigma, to which my gaze must cling
While my mind grapples with what & why?

Living, breathing, splitting, merging.
Blooming, wilting, fading, surging.

With attention fixed upon this sight
Weighty troubles that moments ago
Seemed to crush me, steal my life
Wither, shrivel, vanish! I never felt them go!

Peace returns where tumult reigned
Chaos banished, Soul regained!