Haste, Yet Not Wasted

Oh! My wild cherry blossom,

In your haste, you’re doomed to fail

By booming so far out of season.

You’ll bear no fruit for man or bird.

Did you not know it’s winter now?

It’s nearly Christmas! That’s absurd!

But never fear, my flowery friend,

Your wild haste is far from wasted

For in this frigid winter place

You’ve brought a smile to this grim face.

T.P. Partnership

Transparency, obfuscation,

opacity, deceit.

Get out of the kitchen,

if you can’t stand the heat.

We’re none of us mushrooms

to be sheltered from light.

Most of us, usually,

can tell wrong from right.

A treaty’s no secret

to be hidden from view,

so listen up, you lawyers

you know what to do.

Keeping it secret is simply insane,

Unless us voters won’t reap any gain!