Questions of Heroes and Saints

Do heroes have to be perfect

in order to earn our respect?

Must they be free from all blemish?

Is that what we’ve come to expect?

How much stain, how much tarnish,

how much of a character blemish

can be glossed over by splashing

on coats of whitewash and varnish

before the seething and gnashing

of the oppressed leads to the trashing

of monument to those held dear

in eruptions of violent clashing?

The answers, my friends, are clear.

Let’s open our ears and try to hear

the history of brutal oppression

that cause so many to live in fear.

Since if we can’t learn this lesson

we’ll lose more than an election!

Folks, it’s high time to reject

this notion that every hero warrants beatification!

For the Farmer and the Fisherman

Today I walked alone,

Silently, among the fallen.

Snowy cold, standing stones

Basking ‘neath the setting sun

Stretching to eternity.

Here among these Legions,

I came across the one

Bearing my mother’s maiden name.

One of many, stretching back

To our very founding;

Fathers, grandfathers and greats.

Not all of whom retired here

To this, once, grand old estate.

Another found, I know, his rest

In a distant mountain stream,

The place he lived his later life,

The place he loved, by far, the best.

I honor them, those grand old men,

My few, among the many,

Not only for their sacrifice;

I honor them, out of love,

And, I suppose, that must suffice.

To The Ancients

In these woods to far

From human habitation

Still we find the marks

Of ancient occupation.

Giant boxwood orbs

Left to follow natures lure

Growing free of manicure

Bushy and unruly.

Regiments of daffodils

Resisting delineation

Continue to demark some

Long buried foundation.

Of the, long dead, builders

All that still remains

Of their lifelong labors are

These patient floral stains.


Ignore history
You may. Be unprepared
For the explosion.
Or you can learn to make note
Of pressures, heed warnings, Live!

79 Vesuvius 25,000
1792 Unzen 15,000
1815 Tambora 92,000
1965 Watts 39

1883 Krakatoa 36,000
1902 Pelee 29,000
1980 St. Helen’s 57
1982 Los Angeles 53

1982 El Chichon 2,000
1985 Nevada del Ruiz 23,000
1990 Pinatubo 800
2014 Ferguson TBD