Friends, Family, and Loved Ones.

As we prepare for this Memorial Day; a time to honor and thank all of those who sacrificed their lives to assure that our American society could continue, I would like to take a few minutes to propose a little thought experiment.

My purpose is to cast neither blame nor judgement but rather to inspire contemplation and encourage conscious choice in our celebratory behavior.

Many of us will gather in groups, Monday, to pay tribute to our fallen ancestors. Imagine you are there, in that gathering now, well before you actually arrive. Think about this example, and let your conscience be the guide to your personal behavior.

Picture in your mind, the celebratory environment you plan. Imagine the size of the crowd. Think about the personalities of the people with whom you will be gathering. Consider their occupations and the number of people they must interact with daily and the closeness of those interactions. Contemplate, based on those factors, how many of the people gathered will be wearing masks and how many will not. Honestly and fearlessly reflect on whether you or your immediate family will be masked or unmasked. Do you have that image firmly in your mind?

Now comes the hard part- please read the remainder with an open mind and do not assume any prejudice!

Imagine that at the culmination of the celebration, a time comes for everyone in the crowd to draw a handgun and fire all rounds straight up, into the air- kind of a all guns salute to the fallen. Appropriate, since we are honoring those who fell in battle to assure our freedom.

Thinking back of the image you formed earlier of your holiday crowd, imagine that all those wearing masks are firing blanks and all those without are firing live rounds.

Ask yourselves, in all honesty, would you wish that you and your family, friends, and loved ones were also wearing military helmets or had, even, chosen to celebrate somewhere else?

For the Farmer and the Fisherman

Today I walked alone,

Silently, among the fallen.

Snowy cold, standing stones

Basking ‘neath the setting sun

Stretching to eternity.

Here among these Legions,

I came across the one

Bearing my mother’s maiden name.

One of many, stretching back

To our very founding;

Fathers, grandfathers and greats.

Not all of whom retired here

To this, once, grand old estate.

Another found, I know, his rest

In a distant mountain stream,

The place he lived his later life,

The place he loved, by far, the best.

I honor them, those grand old men,

My few, among the many,

Not only for their sacrifice;

I honor them, out of love,

And, I suppose, that must suffice.

Novam Stellam Lembos

Awaiting verdict,

A flutter begins within.

Perhaps this muster

Will prove too lofty a bar?

Oh, be still my doubting heart!


I can see him there,

Standing before his elders,

Bearing scrutiny

Calmly and confidently,

Honor evident within.


Sitting in the dark

After sending him, alone,

Standing tall upon

His merits, not just resting

Upon his laurels,

The warmth of the car is pale

Beside the glow of my pride.


Outcome regardless,

The flare of my love for him

Eclipses the sun!

Meeker Master

On a day when one man, 

Able, and healthy, and strong,

Signs up to leave and double his pay,

Another man, in that same modest town,

Disabled, infirm, and unsound,

Offers, meekly, to give his labor away.

And of these two men,

The choice of but one

Warrants my laude and honor this day.

He gives without thought of personal gain,

Even though his choice is a cause of great pain.

Mucosae Replies

It was not I, my giant friend
Who lead us to this grave impasse.
Take a look at what you’ve done
In recent days, you bloody ass!
You took us into dusty tombs,
And into the cold to grind up leaves
With no regard or even care
If all that crap would make us sneeze.

We’ve been running now for weeks
Dripping protest every day
But did you notice us? Not once!
You simply blew our concerns away!
Neglect is over; consequence at hand
We run no more! We make our stand!

Ode to Mucosa Nasi

What happened to
Our ancient pact,
Our long standing deal?
I kept my side of our bargain,
Did not assault you with Sudafed.
Yet here I am
Again betrayed,
With neither nostril open.

I’m not greedy- I just want one.
We could have lived in harmony
But your assault will lead to war
I’ll purge my sinus cavities!
Prepare for battle my old foe.
I’ve had enough. You have to go!

Today I Remember


Remember today,

your family who served

far from the home fires

in faith that their sacrifice

would pay dividends

beyond counting for all their

loved ones at home.

Thank you Grandfather Andrew

and Grandfather John.

Thank you Uncles Mark and Jack.

Thank you, my Father.

Know you all, though I did not

serve, I honor you who did!