Remember Humility!

Why should I curb my caustic tongue

When seeing all the damage done

By all your fears and monstrous greed

Harming those in dire need?

All so you can gather more

To bank away so far off-shore

Lest someone else, who has a soul

Exact from you too high a toll

Jeopardizing some distant dream

In which you finally become the cream

Rising high atop the rest

Like life is just some kind of test

To judge just who the worthy are

For us to worship from afar?

Now listen here! You’re just man!

I’ll never be your fawning fan

Nor will I censor bitter word

When faced with statement so absurd

That none with eyes and open mind

Could, therein, some logic find.

And if, by chance, you take offense 

Because I choose to look for sense,

Before you sigh, express lament

About the “fools” you represent,

Remember you’re no mighty king 

Unto whom we peasants sing,

It’s your desire, oh so fervent

To be elected, OUR public servant!

Daddy’s Little Tyranny

He offered them his freedom,
He offered them his aid
And though they didn’t want it,
He assumed a deal was made.

They never said a “Thank You”,
They never did just what he said,
So, since he couldn’t buy their love
He chose to punish them instead.

He rained his freedom on them
In the form of iron bombs
And freed them from the burdens
Of their families and their homes.

They didn’t like him much before,
They surely don’t adore him still,
Yet he expects to see affection
From those poor souls he didn’t kill.

It’s a testament to courage
And a testament to strength
That the children don’t destroy him,
Just keep him at arms length.