MOpen Eyes and Open Minds

Nature makes no false distinction 

Between a flower and a weed

Both of them serve their purpose

And they also meet a need.

Nature makes no demarcation, 

Either, between shrub and tree.

It’s the myth of human naming

That shapes the differences we see.

So remember, as you wander,

From the safety of your fold

You’ll likely stumble over beauties

And many wonders to behold.

Just leave behind those preconceptions;

They often offer misdirections.

Corral of Condescension

There is no -ism,
no tag, no description, no
convenient short hand
arms wide enough to hold me
inside it’s embrace
and begin to capture a
scrap of my identity!

Box your meaningless
labels instead. They serve no,
true, helpful purpose.

Spare me your petty,
pejorative intention.
I decline to wear
your misused and undefined
demeaning attributions.