Odes to Injustice

I spent several hours waiting around the courtroom today. Perhaps these may express some sights and sounds of this misspent day:

1. A commentary on the plea agreement system:

Quiet Consultation


Attorneys whisper

Secret, sotto voce, songs

Sibilant hissings

Singing with the A/C’s sigh.

Thus his fate is decided.


2. An examination of the contrast between expectation and reality:

Resounding Thud


With that gavel fall

Shallow party dreams collapse

Back into the hole


Ode to a Bureaucrat

Man! You really don’t belong here!

Don’t take me wrong, or think me mean,

But you’re about as helpful as

A place kicker on a baseball team!

** written is commiseration for an old friend and his experiences in applying for much needed assistance.  Some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without!