A time to embrace; a time to refrain from embracing!

“Now don’t be hasty” to surrender
To some great, ethereal “Will”.
You have tools, and strength, and wit,
Intellect, and other skills.
Use these first, to solve your problems
Like your parents taught you to.
Go to “Will” when there’s no answer,
Dare I say it? A Kobayashi Maru?
“Thy will be done” is not the answer
To every situation faced.
We have free will and we must use it
To surrender that, is pure disgrace.

As in all things, there is a season,
Time for every purpose under heaven.

Wormtongue or Strider

When duty requires action
Compelling me to endure
The presence of that demon,
Up to no good, I’m sure,

I breathe deep and draw in strength
To do, for the one in need
Those things which will, at length,
Display my care, by deed.

So I stifle the towering rage
That broils in my soul
Begging to slip its cage
A blind, destructive troll,

And I beg a quiet benediction
that the sound of my deeds be heard
Over the poisonous whisper
Of that demon’s seductive word.