Buy and Hold Strategy

Marriage like markets

Alarming fluctuations

Constant ups and downs

To invest in either one

Requires nerves of steel!


Twenty seven years ago today, I bought into this “market”- “invested” in it with my entire “portfolio”- allocated my “assets” wisely and have yielded “dividends” beyond my wildest expectations. Despite the “fluctuations”, my “appreciation” has been phenomenal!

But, be warned, “past performance is no guarantee of future results”. “Please read your prospectus carefully prior to investing”.

The above my be a “prime” example of “metaphor overkill”!

Happy Anniversary, Ellen!

Harsh Transactions

In this business minded world, money is a must.

She will sell herself for someone else’s lust,

And so, will lose herself in a thousand little lies.

Life is not so rosy when seen by jaded eyes.

In time, her soul is lost  to betrayal and mistrust,

And in this vile process, her wounded spirit dies.


with thanks to Sanjeet at

Thanks for the inspiration even if this takes your metaphor in a darker direction.