Questions of Heroes and Saints

Do heroes have to be perfect

in order to earn our respect?

Must they be free from all blemish?

Is that what we’ve come to expect?

How much stain, how much tarnish,

how much of a character blemish

can be glossed over by splashing

on coats of whitewash and varnish

before the seething and gnashing

of the oppressed leads to the trashing

of monument to those held dear

in eruptions of violent clashing?

The answers, my friends, are clear.

Let’s open our ears and try to hear

the history of brutal oppression

that cause so many to live in fear.

Since if we can’t learn this lesson

we’ll lose more than an election!

Folks, it’s high time to reject

this notion that every hero warrants beatification!

Stuck in the Middle with Him

Three oh one point nine!

Broadcast on all the networks.

Label it Fake News

And some will eat that sandwich

Unaware its their last meal.

Our neighbors may, even yet,

Construct and pay for his great wall

If only to shut him in.

And could you blame them?

Hopefully, in time

When we wake up and appeal

For them to let us exit

They will show us charity

Alien to our leader!

Just In The Doldrums

Somewhere in this sargasso mind

Floats just the jetsam that I need.

The task at hand is just to find

That bit among this tangled weed.

There I spy a piece of dross

I needed just a day ago.

Just what for, I’m at a loss,

I’ll take it with me even so.

Perhaps just having it at hand

Will provide the needed spark.

As I bend to rinse it free of sand,

At just that moment, I spy the shark.

In my hands, I find a gaff

“Just what I need”, I think, and laugh!